1. healthy glowing skin time! 

  2. Who doesn’t love the taste of a chewy granola bar? Problem is, these mouthwatering little suckers are often loaded with excess fat and calories. This week we transform the traditional granola bar into a blueberry oat bar, which has all that delicious flavor, but only half the fat and calories. 

  3. our top 5 food picks for glowing skin + our personal skin care regimen. enjoy!! 

  4. NEW VIDEO: In part one of “cooking with kids” we showed you how to make healthy snacks with your kids at home. In this video we take our apple doughnuts and cucumber cupcakes to the streets to see if they past the taste test. Watch as other kids (and grown ups) in NYC give these goodies goodies a try and talk about why eating healthy is important to them.

  5. beautifulpicturesofhealthyfood:

    Blueberry Quinoa - Makes a great breakfast, lunch or snack. It’s gluten free, grain free and will satisfy quinoa lovers, or make you a quinoa fan if you’re not one already…RECIPE

  6. samanthasakayphotography:


    *Tunafish w cayenne pepper

    *Whole wheat flats

    *Portobella mushrooms & onion


    *Fresh baby spinach 

    (via beautifulpicturesofhealthyfood)

  7. Since food heaven luh the kids, we decided to throw them in the video mix. Enjoy! 

  8. new vid! Sofrito is a sauce made up of flavorful herbs and veggies that save you prep time in the kitchen. The store bought stuff is usually loaded with sodium, so we’re bringing you this healthy and tasty alternative. You can use in soups, meats, tofu, rice, anything. Enjoy!! 

    How many of you would agree that losing weight is hard to do? Sure, calories in have to be less than energy out, but sometimes there is more to that equation.

    It’s easy to make mistakes that unknowingly hinder us from achieving our weight loss goals. In our latest video, we talking about 5 common pitfalls many folks make and what you can do about it.
  11. new vid new vid! why buy almond butter when you can make your own? 

  12. new ish! lactose intolerance. what is it, what do you do about it. enjoy! 

  13. we’ve partnered up with Honest Tea to do a 5 day challenge +GIVEAWAY! Day one starts on Monday, and the challenge ends on Friday. All you need to do is take a pic of your challenge activity and tag us in it with the hashtag#mywellnesspledge. We came up with super simple and fun pledges. We’ll randomly pick one participant who has done the challenge and they will get a 30 day supply of unsweetened Honest Tea- we’ve tried their stuff and it’s pretty damn good. It’s organic wholesome goodness packed with all the magical benefits of tea leaves. So with that being said…who’s down?

  14. monday=new show! in this brunch favorite, i tapped into my dominicaness and threw some yucca in the mix. (some call it casava) it’s SO good!

  15. monday=new show! in this brunch favorite, i tapped into my dominicaness and threw some yucca in the mix. (some call it casava) it’s SO good!